Confessions of a Guide Dog

“I dipped into Confessions of a Guide Dog and enjoyed it. I hope to read it again as soon as I can get away from pounding the keys for my next book.”
– Dean Koontz

Confessions of a Guide Dog – The Blonde Leading the Blind

By Mark Carlson and Musket


Award winner at the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival, 2012 San Diego Library Local Authors Festival and the 2014 Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival

From the Book Jacket

‘It only takes a glance at the title to tell the reader this is not a typical dog book. For one thing, the dog has a job.

Secondly, he definitely has a thing for treats and belly rubs. He attracts women like Hugh Jackman in a thong.

The most amazing things seem to happen around him.

Musket helped write the book, if for no other reason than to make sure the facts were told his way.

But Mark Carlson still managed to squeeze the truth in here and there, since he was the only one who could type.

Confessions of a Guide Dog tells the remarkable story of a man and his best friend in a way no book ever has.

So sit back, relax and prepare to hear some very revealing confessions.

You may never look at an Assistance animal the same way again.

This is their story.

And they’re sticking to it.’

123 pages

45 photos

Song parodies

12 chapters

KPBS Interview: Mark and his puppy raiser friend Lonnie Raimond on KPBS Radio Midday Edition.


  • Mark and his guide dog Musket have written a swell book for all ages. It’s absolutely crammed with wonderful anecdotes as well as solid information for all of us who have wondered what to do, what to say and how to act when faced with a visually challenged person and a guide dog.
    Be prepared to laugh, learn and shed a tear or two. Musket is an exceptional dog, but in a lot of ways he’s a lot like our own spoiled pooches. I think all dogs would like to have a job, but most have to be content with being pets. Musket has the best of both worlds and now he has an opportunity to express himself as well. This book isn’t just about the two-man band, but also lets us in on the family dynamic and the role that Jane, the sighted Musket mom plays. For me, the best part of the book is how Musket opens up an entire new world for Mark. There’s nowhere these two can’t go and nothing that they can’t do. Mark admits that he’s always been a dreamer, but before Musket came along his dreams were only dreams. You won’t believe the people they’ve met and the places they’ve gone. I hope there’s a sequel!
  • This is a must read for dog lovers everywhere. Five Paws up. You will laugh, you will cry, and most of all you will love the bond between Musket and Mark as they journey through life together.
  • What a wonderful read! A magnificent achievement – laughter and tears. When finished, I felt as if I had known Musket, Mark, Jane and all the others for years!
  • I hope ‘Confessions of a Guide Dog’ will soon be on CD also. That may be just what some one needs to hear. I’ll get that version too. It will be fun to hear Musket’s voice.

A Book That Heals The Human Heart and Spirit

  • Mark Carlson has taken the spirit of Musket and infused the book with sass and humor from his side-by-side companion. Musket’s “voice” throughout the book has a little dog symbol in front of it to help you differentiate between when Musket is talking and when Mark is talking, but I think you’ll catch on fairly quickly. Musket has quite a lot to say.
    Chapter 3, The Three Musketeers, has a really cute beginning and I’m intrigued by the air museum work and meeting of astronauts throughout the book. Mark and Musket, you surely get around.
    Kudos for writing an entertaining and informative book.
  • This book is witty, charming-a great read. I found myself laughing at one chapter and then tearing up at the next.

Getting a Guide Dog is truly a life changing event.

I didn’t expect to learn something, but I learned a lot more about people with disabilities and their needs. It’s important to have reminders about the diversity of our friends and recalibrate our own level of appreciation and what we have. I didn’t expect to laugh out loud, but Mark paints such a virtual picture of his meeting Musket his new guide dog and is so good with his words (so open, honest and nice). I didn’t expect to cry, but about 30% of the way into the book I had to remove what was left of my non-waterproof mascara! I’ve met Mark and Musket a few times and saw his video on so when I had the chance to read his story, I couldn’t resist. I recommend this tender story!

  • We often wonder what our dogs are thinking and what they would tell us if they could speak. Mark and Musket leave no room for doubt. They are both driven by food and love, who among us is not? They invite the reader into a fun filled world of laughter, love and adventure. I could not imagine loosing ones sight then independence and have it given back in spades through powerful love of a canine companion. Get ready for cheers and tears as Mark and Musket nuzzle their way into your heart.
  • A Dynamic Duo

Once I began reading I didn’t want to put this book down. Mark introduces you to the people in his life so that you feel like you actually know them. Musket’s comments are great. A dog with a sense of humor. I found myself laughing and crying as I read. I see service dogs all the time but now I have a much deeper respect for them and the work that they do.

  • If you do nothing else this summer, read ‘Confessions of a Guide Dog – The Blonde Leading the Blind.’ Funny, sad, informative, and Musket’s take on every situation just adds to the charm. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mark and Musket. It made my day! Thank you Mark and Musket for a wonderful book. Well done


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