LabraDivaAs many of you know, Saffron came into our lives in September 2012. I had retired Musket after more than ten years of devoted and amazing service. Saffron, a precocious, playful and loving yellow Labrador was born in January 2010. She was smaller than Musket and a lot faster. It took some getting used to. After all, I’d gotten used to Musket’s slow and plodding pace. It was rather like driving an old, chugging VW Microbus and suddenly finding me at the wheel of a Ferrari Formula One racer. But more on that later.

I am working on Saffron’s book right now and I expect it will be out in a year or so, maybe by Christmas 2016 (but don’t hold me to that.)

In any case Saffron is now a part of the family and is making her own legend. She is a loving, hard-working (most of the time) energetic and cuddly little bundle of joy. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Guide Dogs for the Blind and to Mike, Matthew and Cheri O’Neill for raising her.

Keep checking in for more Saffron stuff.